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Ivan Jewelry Frequently Asked Questions

Registration and login

You need to register or log in to be able to see our products in full (including the price) and add them to the cart.

If you are not registered yet, you can do it here. We will verify your data before giving you access to the web. And if you already have your customer account, you can log in here with your username and password (if you don’t remember your access info send us an email to ventas@ivanjewelry.com).

For us to approve your registration on our website you need to send us the company’s tax identification card in the case of being a S.L. or module 036 or 037 if you are a natural person. We only sell to professionals in the jewelry industry . Approval may take up to approximately 48/72 hours.

Yes, by presenting module 036 or 037 if you are a natural person since we only sell to professionals in the jewelry sector.

It is necessary to have tax information to make a purchase in our store both online and physically. Anyway, send us an email to ventas@ivanjewelry.com and we will study your case.

You cannot carry out your registration on the web if you still do not have tax data, since we restrict the registration to professionals with CIF.

Our store is exclusively for jewelry professionals . The commitment to our clients prevents us from selling to individuals beyond how much they want to buy.

At the time of entering your username and password, you can press the option “Forgot your password?” and we will email you a new password. If you still have difficulty logging in, you can send an email with your details to ventas@ivanjewelry.com and we will help you.

Send us an email with your information and we will send you a new password or we will help you solve the problem.

By entering “My account”, in the “Addresses” section, you can modify it as many times as you need. You can also send us an email with your new information.

Minimum purchase, shipping and returns

Most of the assembled items (necklaces, earrings, rings, etc.) can be purchased individually. The blister earrings, depending on the model, come in packs of 3 or 6 pairs. The fittings come in packages of several units, depending on the product.

The minimum purchase is 100 euros each time you buy both through the website and in person.

As soon as you receive the order, please check that the items are correct and that they have arrived in perfect condition. If they are defective or are not what you wanted, you have up to 14 calendar days from the date of purchase to exchange an item or make a return. Please email us at ventas@ivanjewelry.com to let us know as soon as possible. You can visit our shipping and return policies page for more information.

In the case of receiving a defective item, the period is also 14 days from receipt of the order to be able to return it. To check if it is a manufacturing defect of any part or an accidental breakage, the client must send us the broken part in its original bag, taking care of the postage. Once the problem has been verified and only in the event that it is a manufacturing defect, we return the amount of the defective product, as well as the shipping, in a delivery note that would remain in favor of the customer for a future purchase.

Yes, you can choose that option when you finish your purchase on our website.

The means of payment enabled are: credit cards, transfers and cash in store. We do not have the possibility of paying cash on delivery when receiving the products at your home.

Yes, we ship all over the world. You can see all the options and shipping costs by clicking on the following link: https://www.ivanjewelry.com/en/shipping-returns/

Orders are prepared according to the order of receipt. As soon as we have it prepared, we will send you a delivery note so that you can make the payment of the total amount by transfer, by cash deposit or by picking up and paying the order in our store in Barcelona.

If the transfer is made from a Banco de Sabadell account before 4:30 p.m. or a cash deposit is made to our account, the order may leave the same day. For transfers that come from other banks, we have to wait for confirmation from our bank before sending the order and they usually take a few days depending on each entity. In both cases you must send us the bank receipt by mail to ventas@ivanjewelry.com.

The transport company we work with is Nacex, which offers shipments in 24 hours. If you need the order urgently, you can pick it up that same day at the store or send a courier, provided that we have already confirmed that the order is ready.

We offer free shipping within Spain for purchases over 200 euros + VAT. You can see the conditions to other parts of the world by clicking on the following link: https://www.ivanjewelry.com/en/shipping-returns/

Physical Store

We have a physical store at C/Hospital 13, 08001 in Barcelona (Spain). You can come visit us from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. On our contact page you will find a map and other information about our physical store.

We do not close at noon. We open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

We do not close for holidays, only the holidays indicated in the business calendar. We open from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. without closing at noon. And our online store is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. However, keep in mind that orders placed on holidays could be delayed.

COVID-19 Measures

Yes, we have hygiene measures, social distance and reduced capacity in our store in Barcelona.

For now it is not necessary to make an appointment. We have a reduced capacity, so if necessary, we will ask you to wait a few minutes to enter.

Ivan Jewelry Products

Yes, all our items are 925 ml sterling silver.
Sterling silver can be simply polished or a coating of rhodium, 18k gold, rose gold or ruthenium can be added, and they pass the control at the JORGC (COLLEGE OF JEWELERS, GOLDEN, WATCHMAKERS AND GEMOLOGISTS OF CATALONIA), where they are stamped with 925 Sterling Silver and with our control code.

All our collections are made of 925 Sterling Silver. The only products that we can offer in steel is, in the accessories section, a 316L steel clasp.

Currently on the market there are 3 great ways to perform the gold bath on silver pieces. The first can be called “flash” or simply golden color, without any thickness. It is the most economical and frequent due to its low cost, but it can easily disappear with simple friction. At Ivan Jewelry we do not work with this type of gold plating.

The second type of bath or “standard bath” has a different process that gives the product higher quality. The coating is better and more durable. The gold bath has a thickness of 0.1 to 0.7 microns, which can vary in the different parts of the piece, in the different batches of the same product or according to the supplier. It receives different names such as “Double flash”, “triple flash”, “1/2 commercial micron”, “1 commercial micron”. By not issuing a warranty, the finished products can be very different. At Ivan Jewelry we work mainly with this type of bathroom, supervising the processes to have excellent results in all our products.

The third type of gold plating is guaranteed microns. In this last period, we have incorporated superior quality baths, with a 1 micron guarantee throughout the piece. These products can be distinguished in our store by their G1 code.

In addition, for special orders (with previously agreed quantities) we make batches of pieces with up to 3 microns guaranteed.

There are different shades in the gold bath. At Ivan Jewelry we follow the trend of Europe with a medium hue of 18K. There are lighter tones such as 14k, 16k or the so-called Hammilton. It is important to know that the hue does not reflect the quality or thickness of the gold plating.

The protective lacquer or e-coating is a process that generates a protective layer on the pieces, giving greater durability to the gold plating. At Ivan Jewelry we take care that the pieces that receive this procedure present correct finishes, without dulling or damaging the final product.

Yes, we sell chains by the meter. You can send us an email to ventas@ivanjewelry.com with your order, since these are not exposed on the web.

By registering or logging in to our website you will be able to view the prices and stock of each product.

Out-of-stock items can take anywhere from three weeks to a month and a half to replenish, depending on the item. You have the option of pressing the “Notify me” button next to the out of stock product so that we will send you an email when it is replenished.

You will see that the units of the products may not exactly match those of the delivery note of your order. This is because only the units that we put for you are available.

Our website has the actual stock, updated every five minutes. But since the items are available online and in the store, it can happen that the same item is being sold at the same time on both sites (it would be a lot of coincidence, but it could happen). It could also be due to a wrong stock or even a defective product that when taken to attach to an order has to be withdrawn since it cannot be served because it is not in perfect condition for sale.

The pieces of silver 925 with the gold coating we recommend not to wet them, not in the shower, sea or pool; nor apply perfumes or creams directly on the pieces. Also the pH of the skin of each person is different: the more acid it is, the more it can affect the bath of the pieces.

Following these little tips you will see that the pieces will be perfect for a long time and if at any time you notice that one of them begins to get dirty you can clean them with silver cleaning liquid. You must immerse the piece you want to clean for about 5 seconds, remove it and rinse it directly under the tap and finally dry it with a tissue gently, without rubbing.

All the items in the store are made of 925 sterling silver, which can have a rhodium, gold, rose gold or ruthenium coating and pass the control at the JORGC (COLLEGE OF JEWELERS, GOLDENERS, WATCHMAKERS AND GEMOLOGISTS OF CATALONIA), where stamped with 925 sterling silver and with our control code.

Yes, we manufacture for our clients under special order. For this, there are minimum quantities per item, they may be by units or by weight, it will depend on the pieces. Send us an e-mail to ventas@vanjewelry.com and we will send you more information.

About Silver

Pure silver (pineapple silver, shot silver, 999 silver); sterling silver (sterling silver, 925 silver); silver 950; sterling silver; Britannia silver.

Pure silver (pineapple silver, shot silver or 999 silver) is a silver with a purity of 99.9%. To achieve this degree of purity, an electrochemical purification process is necessary.

999 silver or pure silver is not usually used in jewelry as it is too soft. Jewelers mix silver with copper to make a harder alloy.

Sterling silver is the name of silver that meets the quality and purity parameters established in the country where it is sold. In Spain, 1st-grade silver is considered to be that which exceeds 92.5% purity and 2nd-grade silver which is below 92.5% of purity.

925 silver is the most widely used in the world for jewelry making. 925 silver has less shine than 950 silver but more hard.

925 silver is one that is 92.5% pure. It is sterling silver indicated for the manufacture of jewelry.

950 silver is made from a 95% silver and 5% copper alloy. It is the type of silver that is traditionally used in the Andean regions of South America.

Pure silver is too soft, so it is necessary to add other metals to get a harder and stronger alloy.

Small portions of copper, palladium, or brass can be added to make 925 silver.

Sterling silver or 925 silver is 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper.

No, nickel has been banned for jewelry making for a long time, since it is a material that caused many allergies.

All pieces made of 925 silver must be marked with a seal that certifies their authenticity. Normally it is 925, but each country or continent may have different laws.
In addition, the manufacturer’s brand is also often shown, in our case it is the B930. And also the brand of the contrast laboratory, in Catalonia the jewelers’ college uses the C2.

Some of the main characteristics of sterling silver are:

  • It has no smell (if it smells it is due to excess copper)
  • It is not magnetized with a magnet
  • It has a resonant sound similar to a bell.

Britannia silver or 958 silver is an alloy of 95.84 silver (with the rest of copper). Currently it has no practical applications, but it maintains its historical value and in numismatics (coin collecting).

925 silver can darken with use due to metals in alloy with silver and their reactions with different chemicals. But it has the virtue of returning to its original state with a simple polishing.

The darkening of silver is a natural process that occurs due to the reaction to hydrogen sulfide present in the air. The chemical reaction that occurs between silver and hydrogen sulfide forms a very thin layer on the surface of the metal.

Silver can darken over time when in contact with chemicals such as perfumes, creams, makeup, hair sprays, rubber, latex, wool, pool chlorine.

Burnt silver or antique-style silver is blackened silver that is used in jewelry for aesthetic reasons. At Ivan Jewelry we refer to it as “oxidized silver”.

Burnt silver is obtained by dyeing silver jewelry in a sulfur solution. Later, the jeweler will polish some parts of the jewel so that they are shiny and others will leave them dark to achieve that “old” effect and dimension in the piece.

Some of the basic tips to prevent your silver jewelry from darkening are:

  1. Put on the jewelry after grooming (avoiding contact with perfume, makeup, hairspray …)
  2. Clean jewelry after wear with warm water and phosphate-free soap. Dry the pieces well.

If the color change is still slight, it can be cleaned with warm water and toothpaste or baking soda, scrubbing with your hand or a soft brush. At Ivan Jewelry we also have a range of products for cleaning silver and its care.

In the event that the silver is already very blackened, a jeweler must be in charge of restoring its luster. In this way you can polish and polish the silver, removing the dark layer and leaving the piece as if it were new.

Silver chains for women tend to have finer finishes, while those for men tend to be thicker. But the important thing is what your customers like.